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Buds Sno Cones in Bedford, TX

A summer institution since 1985.


How much would the term “my two cents” be worth today if you knew the time of the phrase’s origin?

Starting from this inflation calculator, the longest distance in time is 1912 through to today. With this, two cents is worth about 47 cents today.

Assuming constant inflation, I figure the rate is somthing like:

inflation rate = .0317510733

And we define a simple function to round to cents:

inflation(in money, in time, out time)=
  (in money * (1+inflation rate)
      ^ ( out time - in time))

Which going forward, looks fine:

inflation(.02, 1912, 2013)=> 0.47

So where did this phrase come from? Wikipedia says the origin is either biblical times, or the 16th century.

So, if you could invest “two pennies” at the time of Christ’s birth, you’d have a few hundred mole of USD.

inflation(.02, 0, 2013)=> 4.2399696088e25

If instead, you waited until aproximately Christ’s death, you’d have about a third as much, but still, mostly incomprehendable amount of money.

inflation(.02, 30, 2013)=> 1.6600258987e25

If the phrase is around the time of the Reneasaince (perhaps a better time to start investment than pre-darkage), then it’s a more humble 180k USD:

inflation(.02, 1500, 2013)=> 184063.95

This script can run a little slow due to the organization of the National Geographic site. Only images that have desktop sized versions are downloaded. These all have public links to download the photo, so this should be kosher.

Would be nice if this archive were available directly from National Geographic as a direct download or BitTorrent.

As of August 2013, this will download about a thousand photos.


## NGP


## killall wget; killall wget; killall wget; killall wget; rm -rf $saveDIR/*

mkdir -p $saveDIR
cd $saveDIR

wget -m -nd -H -D "","" -e robots=off -I "wpf","photography/photo-of-the-day" -A "*_[1-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][.x]*" $TargetURL


echo " ### All Done "

Using ControllerMate 4, I created a page for enabling mouse configuration for StarCraft 2 that swaps back when I tab out to Safari or Finder (anything not SC2). Using the above scripts as a starting place, I added AppleScript blocks that specifically enable or disable the Function Key behavior, as well as set up a fallback trigger.

My modified scripts uses a shell script to test the current value of the F-key row state, decides if it should swap the value and if it should display a message if changed. I’m displaying my message via Notification Center with the help of this trick. All my Macs are 10.8, so it doesn’t check for version number or that is properly installed into ~/Applications/.

ControllerMate 4 configuration

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Turn your key, sir!

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"At least Facebook cuts down on the number of chain FWD emails."

- from Mike Cramer’s Facebook

"Resharing and “likes” appearing in the news feed are the cancer that’s killing /b/ *cough* I mean Facebook…"

- from Mike Cramer’s Facebook